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Immune Boost

Raw Garlic and Honey

Garlic is natures antibiotic. It’s anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti parasitic and an amazing immune booster. It cleanses your blood, prevents infection and can also prevent dementia/alzeimers/cancer.

It’s recommended to include 1-2 cloves of garlic a day in your diet, however, if you feel a cold or illness coming on then have 3 cloves and it should nip it in the bud! I often crush raw garlic and mix with honey on a spoon, you need a chaser for this (yoghurt is a good one).

You can slice raw garlic and mix with butter and add to toast under the grill.

I also add raw crushed garlic to my salad dressings (1/3 ACV, 2/3 olive oil, seasoning and raw garlic. Delicious)

Oregano oil

I only recently discovered the wonderful benefits of this oil. It fights infection fast! At the first sign of an infection, cold/flu etc then take some of this and it will really help to fight it off quickly.

Oregano oil is anti viral, anti bacterial, anti parasitic, anti inflammatory, anti allergen and a great digestive aid. It can be used externally for inflammation issues. It is well known for it’s treatment of MRSA and Cancer


Excellent to keep in your cupboard for cooking purposes (great for salad dressings or on chips!) but it is also a great soother for a cough, helps your digestion, eases heartburn and acid reflux and boosts your immune system helping you to fight off colds easily. Go for an organic brand such as Braggs containing ‘the mother’.

This is a great remedy for your digestive health, 70% of your immunity is in the gut, the healthier our digestive system is the healthier we will be.
I take a tablespoon or two a day. You can also add to warm water with lemon juice and honey if you wish.

Colloidal Silver

This is basically silver diluted down in water using a special process. The result is a clear liquid tasting of water which can be drank directly or sprayed topically.

Very well known for controlling anti biotic resistant superbugs, it can be sprayed onto cuts/wounds or even burns to speed healing, it’s anti viral/bacterial properties can be used on ear infections, eye infections. It can be used as an anti viral to treat HIV, pneumonia and shingles aswell as many other viruses.

Colloidal silver is an excellent anti inflammatory and can reduce swelling, speed healing and boost cell recovery within hours

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can be taken in high doses to treat colds, coughs and many other bacterial or viral infections. The vitamin C fills up the cells in your body which leaves nowhere for the virus to live,, this results in it being flushed out of your system. You can never overdose on Vitamin C so if you feel yourself coming down with something or your household/workplace is poorly then take 10,000mg of Vitamin C a day , your immune system will thank you for it.

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberries are great for immune boosting. These little berries were studied back in the 80’s, they took 50 people with a flu virus and gave them elderberry extract and then took another 50 who were given nothing. The 50 who had the elderberry extract reported dramatically improved symptoms within 24 hours and the other 50, needless to say, continued with symptoms for 7 days or more.

I take elderberry extract throughout winter as an immune booster and when ill I take 3-4 times a day. You can buy in a tasty syrup called Sambucol from most boots/supermarkets


Turmeric has been known as natures anti inflammatory for thousands of years, it’s excellent for fighting disease, reducing inflammation in joints (great for arthritis) it’s a natural anti depressant, preventing and treating cancer, reduces pain, treat and prevent alzheimers.

Check out my golden milk recipe which is brilliant post yoga class/ workout to ease achey muscles and joints. You can also give turmeric to your pets who may be struggling with arthritis or stiffness.