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It was by complete chance (or maybe not) that I ended up at a Kundalini by the moon class. I walked away feeling completely different, something shifted within me. Kundalini is such a transformational practice, I had no idea how quickly I would feel the benefit. It’s dynamic, challenging, uplifting & relaxing rolled together. I liken it to an hour at the gym, an hour in a church and an hour meditating – it’s a mind, body, spirit one stop shop. Go with an open mind & without judgement. Eyes are closed during practice so reduces any feelings of initial self consciousness. Heart Windlesham is a beautiful place, a safe space to go within, under the superb guidance of the wonderful Darshan Hari. I’m so glad I found Kundalini or rather, so thankful Kundalini found me.

Belinda Bradford

I’ve practiced yoga for 20 years or so but only recently found Kundalini yoga when I met Charlene. She explained its spiritual connection and work on the chakras which really appeals to me as a Holistic Therapist. I enjoy the classes enormously, it’s really opened my eyes to a new level of awareness of my body and my abilities. Charlene is a wonderful teacher, her passion and knowledge for this type of yoga really shine through and she explains things very well. She is very encouraging and motivating! I recommend anyone to give this class a try!

Amanda Davies

After searching for years , I finally found a kundalini class near me … In Charlene I found more than a teacher . She is knowledgeable and so passionate about her teaching. more than that the energy she glows with inspires you to keep going and become the best you can be . It has helped me immensely mentally & physically and I’m only just beginning .

Nicky Jeffries

I personally felt Divine blessing when Charlene walked into my life. Her presence and hunger for truth had made me step up to the challenge and deepen my practice. She radiates angelic light and joy right from her heart, filling you up with optimism and love. I am looking forward to starting our Sadhana practice together in December.

Amanjot Kaur