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My 3 Favourite Meditations

My 3 absolute favourite Kundalini Meditations for transformation

Ego eradicator

This super quick and simple exercise is designed to kick your ego into shape, it helps you to burst through the fear and negativity of your ego and open you up to your amazingness. It can help you see your actual potential and rid yourself of the mental blocks that are getting in the way of your happiness. If you need a quick boost of energy or more mental clarity (before an exam, interview or difficult conversation) try this for a minute.

Sit in Easy Pose.

Raise the arms up to a 60 degree angle.

Curl the fingertips on to the pads of the palms at the base of the fingers. Thumbs are stretched back, pointing towards each other above the head, feel as though you are plugging yourself into the universe with your thumbs

With the eyes closed, concentrate above the head and begin Breath of Fire (panting like a puppy on a hot day but through your nose) for 3 minutes.

To end, inhale deeply and bring the arms overhead with the thumbtips touching. Exhale and relax the arms down sweeping any negativity or fear from your aura

Kirtan Kriya

This Meditation has been studied medically and has been proven to help prevent and even reverse alzeimers. The Alzeimers research and prevention foundation has been teaching this kriya to medical professionals to help their patients. That is astounding to me! It is so beneficial to our mind and brain’s health, it improves our memory, reduces stress, enhances blood flow to the brain, improves sleep, improves mental clarity, reduces depression and improves the chemistry in our brain. For the skeptics out there, we finally have proof!

This mediation is incredible if you would like to rid yourself of addiction or need some kind of change in your life, perhaps you want to let go of something or someone from the past, release old hurts or limiting beliefs, this meditation is for you. It takes 40 days for your brain to recognize a change of habit so it’s recommended we do this meditation everyday for 40 days to really ingrain the change!

Here’s how to do it:

Follow the track by Nirinjan Kaur for Kirtan Kriya which can be found on Apple Music, Spotify or You tube.

Using the four primal sounds Sa Ta Na Ma derived from the Mantra ‘Sat Nam’ meaning True identity or essence, repeat these syllabuls whilst touching your thumbs to each finger on the hand in sequence. Focus on the brow point with eyes closed.


To finish raise the arms above the head and shake out your arms to circulate the energy. Sit quietly for a few minutes and enjoy

There is an 11 minute version or a 31 minute version, if you have 31 minutes, give it to yourself! You won’t regret it. It really doesn’t feel like long once you get into the rhythm and you will be on cloud 9 afterwards

The Inner Sun

This meditation is an excellent immune booster hitting viruses and bacteria hard. It works on the emotions that we store which can lead us to disease within our bodies, it clears the right hemisphere of the brain which holds many of the negative feelings which can lead to depression and lowered immunity.

Many emotions may come up for you during this meditation, go through it and let them release, it is important to feel these feeling before they pass. You will be left feeling light, hopeful and energized!

When you feel an illness coming on do this meditation for 3 minutes then 30 minutes later do again for 3 minutes.

Here’s how to do it:

Sit cross legged with the eyes closed and spine very straight. The left arm is bent upto shoulder level palm facing forward, touch the thumb to the tip of your ring finger. The right hand blocks off the right nostril and we breath through the left nostril only with a steady breath of fire (panting like a puppy on a hot day but through the nose) pumping the navel as you breathe. Continue for 3 minutes

The head must be covered during this meditation as you may get a headache.