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Full Moon Yoga

As humans we are very much aligned to the Moon, the moon rules the tides so it is easy to see that we would be affected by this energy being made up of 60% water.

The energy of the full moon is incredibly healing and cleansing and puts an extra pressure on our nervous and glandular system. It is a time for reflecting, releasing, and letting go of anything in our lives that is no longer serving us, this could be an emotion, a limiting belief, a person or a situation.

Kundalini yoga works strongly on the glandular and nervous system, so practicing yoga on a Full Moon amplifies the healing and transformational affects this yoga has.

It’s important to allow yourself some time to go within, reflect on your emotions and heal during this time of the month, a kundalini yoga class provides the perfect space to do that.

Each month I will teach a 2 hour class to draw on the special powers of the Full Moon. The first 1.5 hours will be a yoga class and the final 30 minutes will be something different such as a gong sound bath, shamanic journey meditation, letting go ritual etc

During summer months I aim to hold the class outdoors so we can fully bask in the moonlight but during Winter we will be inside.

Please go to my events page to see when the next Kundalini by the Moon session is.