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My name is Darshan Hari, I teach Kundalini yoga from my home studio – Heart Windlesham – in Surrey.

My experience with kundalini yoga has been life changing and transformational. I first discovered yoga 13 years ago in a gym, I was always drawn to yoga but felt there was something missing. I tried many different styles over the years searching for something more than just physical exercise. I was brought up surrounded by spirituality but my spiritual journey really began when I started to experience severe pain in my shoulder whilst working with horses, the 3 years that followed were consumed by finding a cure for this chronic pain to which nobody could seem to find an answer for. It was a mystery! I soon realized that my issue was a metaphysical one and my healing would come from a more holistic approach focusing on emotional trauma as opposed to physical. During this search for healing I found Kundalini yoga, whilst visiting Ibiza I joined a yoga class and I had the wow moment I had been searching for. Bingo! I’d found it, everything just clicked into place for me. I soon started to notice so many things in my life start to shift, things were happening suddenly that helped me progress on my spiritual journey and I found myself feeling as though I was on my right path, I finally felt like I had arrived, I felt a sense of strength and self worth that had been missing for a long time.

My inspiration to begin teaching came after falling pregnant and struggling with the first 4 months, I was guided to a wonderful teacher and delved fully into my yoga practice. My pregnancy was absolutely transformed and I began to feel energized, healthy and more connected to my growing baby than ever before. My labour was a beautiful, empowering and pain free experience (yes pain free!) I put that down to the teachings of Kundalini yoga. All of these sacred teachings are shaping the way I parent on a daily basis, they have taught me to be patient, trusting of my child and myself and intuitive as a Mother in a world where we are getting further away from our primal maternal instincts each day.

During my teacher training I was able to focus on my spiritual journey and finally find the healing I needed from the pain I had been suffering with in my shoulder. I have realized that the pain had been a way to fast track me through personal growth and put me onto my right and divine path. I never thought I’d be writing this but I’m so grateful to that pain, it’s the reason I’m where I am today.

I feel more content and peaceful within myself than I ever have, I feel strong from the inside out and my connection to the universe and humanity feels unbreakable. Through Kundalini yoga I have learnt vital tools to help me navigate my way through a shockingly busy and sometimes ugly world, helping me to relax with life, let go of what is not serving me and feel grateful in every moment. I love being able to share this magic with others and help people to reach a place of balance and peace within their lives also.